Knowing Your Place

Knowing Your Place

Posted on 08. Apr, 2009 by in Kingdom Authority

Apostolic authority is based on being sent. It is acting as Jesus’ representative, declaring the message or words that He has authorized us to speak. This was exampled when Jesus sent out the 12 disciples (Luke 9) and the 70 disciples (Luke 10). In each case He authorized and instructed them what to do and say.

Along with the orders to go and the commission of what to do and say, apostolic authority includes a place of operation. This may be a specific, city, country, group of people or a particular setting to operate in. Jesus himself said that he was “not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” Matt 15:24. Jesus first and primary place of ministry was to the nation of Israel. In the natural world, ambassadors have authority to represent their home country in regards to the particular country they have been sent to.

In regards to our authority, we must not only know what we are to do or say, we must know where and to whom we are sent to minister.

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