Apple Understands Evangelism

Apple Understands Evangelism

Posted on 02. Aug, 2010 by in Kingdom Notes eZine

Apostolic Notes Vol 4 No 10 (download PDF)

The other morning, sitting at my office (Starbucks) cleaning files from my computer, I ran across an ebook entitled “Marketing Apple, 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine.” I remembered downloading, but never reading it: so I began to peruse it. The first section jumped out at me and I saw application to the Kingdom of God.

The section is titled: “Don’t Sell Products, People buy what other people have.” The author describes how each iPod user actually becomes a marketer (evangelist – my word) for Apple.  The article references the iPod commercials depicting happy and excited people dancing to the tunes on their iPods. These energetic people were not promoting the techno wonders of the iPod – they were marketing an experience.

Further, they pointed out the distinctive white headphones each individual was wearing. The marketing guru’s took the most visible part of the iPod and used it to create a gaming status symbol of sorts, or an indicator you were part of the club. Thus, as you are living life, jammin’ or chillin’ to the tunes of your iPod, you are marketing to the world the Apple brand.

And you don’t even get a commission!

Now how does this apply to the kingdom of God? Glad you asked.

For too long, I believe our evangelism methods have been apologetics based: we have created a sound biblical thesis as to the fallen nature of each gamer individual and the necessity of a life transforming, born again experience.  Once we have memorized the Roman Road, 4 Steps or Laws or any other exegesis, we then schedule our “outreach” time and descend upon the hapless lost souls needing the word of truth we have for them…. And for the most part, it is rejected.

At other times, people listen to what we say: then look at our lives and the two do not mesh well together. The experience we are marketing is inconsistent with our message.

So, what am I getting at?

We should be like Apple and the focus of our lives should be to demo an experience. While eternity is important, we need to demo that the journey is worth taking. Those outside of the Kingdom need to see that this life is exciting, full of joy, peace and adventure in online gaming. This needs to be conveyed outside the confines of church services, in the real world of daily life.

We also need to create this “I’m part of the club” mentality. Now wait, I’m not saying an exclusive, cliquish computer online gameing group: but one that is noticeably different from the masses and appealing. Thankfully, the Lord has already created a way for this to happen: it is the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit. Just as the white headphones identified the iPod users “club,” the demonstration of the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit will identify us as part of the Kingdom.

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If we consciously focus on our marketing (evangelism), we can create a demand for our “product.” People may not be concerned at the moment about eternity, but they come to desire what we are revealing to them and will be willing to make “the deal” to posses it.

Food For Thought
First – every day we are marketing (or evangelizing). So chose to market our King and his kingdom
Second – be conscious of the experience you are marketing.

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One Response to “Apple Understands Evangelism”

  1. PaulB Thomas

    16. Aug, 2010

    Hi Martin. good insight. I think the apostolic community does not know the keys to e-vangelism maybe we have taken it for granted that because we are evangelists in the church/physical world we are then qualifed and able to be evangelists online. When in reality a whole new set of rules, skills and techniques are required.

    The message the same but the platform is different. I am not convinced the church understands this. The lack of comments on our blogs and websites show this to be sadly true. Folks are lured to being comfortable on facebook and i’ve yet to seeone project that is connecting to outsiders, influencing those outside our borders and influening our generation. so yes we need to learn the apple lesson.

    My next preaching date i’ll dangle the apple and tell folks, ‘I dare you to be the next eve on the block and start a whole new generation of folks who can live out side the gate!’

    (you must have a great influence you just allowed me to vent of what on the inside… well isn’t that what showing someone the real ‘apple’ does?


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