Authority Is From The Sender

Posted on 27. Mar, 2009 by in Kingdom Authority, Kingdom Lifestyle

Being apostolic is to be sent. This obviously implies that someone is doing the sending. It is from the one sending that the authority is derived. Those that were sent by Herod to slay the children had much more authority to act than those who were sent by the Pharisees to question John as to his identity. The greater the power and authority of the sender, the greater the potential authority of the one sent.

Jesus (the man) comment was that he was doing the will of the one who sent him. (Jn 5:30). As long as the man Jesus, performed the will of the Father, there was unlimited power to accomplish the purpose.

We have been sent to this world as Jesus was sent – apostello (Jn 17:18, Jn 20:21). If we can grasp this, we can understand that we have available to us the same authority that Jesus had. Apostolic authority is being empowered to continue the mission that Jesus started.

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