Being In The Right Place

Being In The Right Place

Posted on 27. Jul, 2009 by in Kingdom Lifestyle

On my last trip to Okinawa Japan, my host was Command Sergeant Major Rufus Parker (Ret. US Army). During our conversations he stated that Okinawa was of major importance to the US Military. This small 460 sq mile island was strategically placed, from here the US can reach anywhere in the world.

What is in the natural, many times is a reflection of the spiritual. The church that Rufus Parker pastors is a small church, probably never much over 60 people. The primary focus is military personnel and their dependents. Since these individuals are constantly on the move, large numerical growth is a challenge.

Yet this church has influenced the world. Since it started in 1979, there have been 60+ ministers of the Gospel sent from this assembly. Many Asian missionaries were born again or spent crucial development time here under the mentoring of the various pastors. Other personnel have returned home or been stationed in other parts of the world, each taking with them the training and teaching of the Gospel.

My point to this is – do not measure your success by the worlds standard of size or notoriety. You have been strategically placed in the body of Christ where He wants you. In this placement he has adapted or gifted you to operate for a purpose. Find out what that is, focus on its completeion. In time, you will be able to look back and see how you were able to impact a greater area than you first imangined.

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  2. Art Mealer

    27. Jul, 2009

    What you say about the “small” church there on Okinawa is the potential for churches near military bases worldwide, even in the US. But in the US, churches hesitate to take that sacrificial approach and serve military people because it is difficult to swell the attendee rolls that way. But their ministry influence can go around the world.

    By the way, I was on Okinawa 72-76. Wonderful time there, great fellowship and ministry opportunities. Our first daughter was born there. Glad to hear the activities taking place there today!

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