Do You See The Wind?

Do You See The Wind?

Posted on 06. Sep, 2011 by in Random Stuff

So it is a beautiful day in the LOU (St Louis)! Sun shinning, around 60 and a breeze: gotta love the fall! So I am sitting outside at one of my fav offices ~ St Arbucks on Lindberg Rd, watching the wind blow and thinking: yea, I know, some of you are envious and some are saying “Get a life!” Well let me give you an insight into my ruminations about the wind.

As I sit here “watching” the wind, a question is posed: How do I know the wind is blowing? According to, wind is defined as “air in natural motion.” Really helpful, huh?

Air on average is pretty clear. Look inside a glass and you SEE nothing, yet turn that glass upside down in a bucket of water and submerge it and SEE that no water will go up into the glass. So air is something invisible to the naked eye, but can exert tremendous force or produce effects.

To see or hear wind, it needs something to interact with.

So back to my question, how do I know the wind is blowing? I see the effects it has on the trees and flags. I hear the sound rustling from the motion of the leaves and branches. In short, I cannot see the wind, but I can experience its effects when it interacts with other objects.

Ok, so I have explained how I know the wind is blowing, what’s my point?
The point is, I believe the same applies for the demonstration of God’s spirit. It needs something or more importantly, someone to interact with to result in a demonstration.

We know God is at work in our world, seeking to restore his glory and kingdom: what He is looking for are those who are sensitive to where, when and how He is operating AND choose to allow themselves to be an object his spirit interacts with. This will result in God using people to demonstrate His purpose and presence.

So, food for thought today: Do you see the wind blowing

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2 Responses to “Do You See The Wind?”

  1. Paul

    23. Jan, 2012

    “Intereaction brings demonstaration…” discerning the breeze and knowing when it’s coming my way. I’m never too late for a pentecost!.

    The Lord bless you brother Martin!

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  2. kem waqa

    31. Jan, 2012

    no wind,no demonstration.Breeze me lord……halelujah

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