Does The Gospel Bother You?

Does The Gospel Bother You?

Posted on 28. Nov, 2010 by in Re-Imaging Church

“What type of question is that?” you may ask. “Why would it bother me, especially after I have been born again? After all, it is good news.” My response: “There are times that the depth of the Gospel should reveal where I am, thereby challenging me to become more.”

In my mind, the gospel does not challenge most of us because traditional Christianity preaches a very limited gospel: one that focuses only on salvation. This perspective of the gospel is seen in a two-part event: salvation and then heaven. So, between the born again and heaven, we do not grasp the application of the Gospel to every day life. Yet the good news is greater than these two events. That is where it can begin to bother me.

The Gospel
The Gospel presented by Jesus is life changing and paradigm shifting. If I allow the Lord to change my view of the Gospel, I will find it has greater application to daily life than what I had previously grasped.

Notice what Jesus said regarding the Gospel:

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom,.. Matthew 4:23 (9:23)

Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God… Mk 1:4

Jesus came preaching and demonstrating the Gospel of the KINGDOM, or the good news of the KINGDOM. His sole focus was not on the salvation of men, although an integral part, it was on the good news of Kingdom restoration.

The original Greek word for kingdom is “basileia” and means “sovereignty, royal power, dominion or reign.” So, Jesus was proclaiming the good news of the sovereignty, reign or dominion of God that was now available. He was proclaiming a transformational lifestyle that was to be under AND manifesting in a tangible way, what it was like to live out this Good News.

This context of the Good News then defines for me my objective – to be His representative by the actions of my life. From this framework, I see the Good News not as just my fire insurance, but as something that I am being challenged to become. Thus the tension the Gospel brings to my life.

Over the last few months I have not written much because I have been wrestling with some of these ideas; my perspective, paradigm, context, framework (whatever hip word you want) is being challenged. I look at the Kingdom lifestyle, then myself and I am challenged in many areas. Some of which are:

• Am I using my resources selfishly or as a blessing to others?
• How am I engaging the marginalized of society: selfish or sacrificially?
• Whose kingdom is primary in my life; His or mine?
• Exploring the idol of self as my justification for the first three.
• Judgmental
• And much more.

The significance of all this is its bearing on our identity. We are to be citizens/followers of our King. Being such, we should be identified by a particular lifestyle: not one of a checklist of do’s and don’ts, but of transformed nature demonstrated by our actions.

Jesus (the King) tells us the lifestyle of the kingdom is based on love. We are to love Him with the totality of ourselves AND to love our neighbors just like we love ourselves. Further, He states that it is our demonstrated (actions) love that will prove to the world we are part of His kingdom (identity).

So, there are times I believe the Gospel should bother me, it is when Jesus is challenging me to become like him in the daily expression of my life. Does the Gospel bother you?

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  1. Paula

    29. Nov, 2010

    Love it! Good to see that God is dealing with others the way He deals with ‘YOU’ (meaning anyone). I have been ministering along this very same idea and we are now beginning to see results of the application! Awesome! Thanks! I appreciate your post and desire to be more like Him! 🙂

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  2. Mark_organic

    02. Dec, 2010

    This is so true…and challenging. I’ve been frustrated for years at the church’s single-mindedness concerning salvation. Heaven is a great thing to look forward to, but I resonate with the Gospel that shows up right at my door and affects everything I do.

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