Dogs, Thunderstorms, Fear & God

Dogs, Thunderstorms, Fear & God

Posted on 07. Oct, 2014 by in Random Stuff

So this morning I am rudely awakened at 4:30AM, an hour and half before necessary, by Zoe – our little beagle & terrier mutt! Why? Because a thunderstorm was rolling through and she is terrified of them. In the bed, out of the bed, across the bed, in your face as if to say: “did you hear that?” as she seeks to escape the storm.

So, being the wonderful, loving and caring husband that I am: I got up with Zoe and we went to the couch in the front room. Needless to say, no more sleep for me with the maternity pillow in the morning!

Lying on the couch, I attempted to keep Zoe confined and calm. The petting, rubbing her ear the way she loves and talking to her calmly was all to no avail. She continued shaking and whining: her big effort was focused on getting away from me to run down the hall to hide.

As I lie there seeing the futility of my efforts, I began to make a spiritual correlation: we can respond this way to God during the storms of our lives.

The storms of life can come rolling in at anytime: financial distress, sickness, relationships, death or any number of other things can produce fear in our lives. There always seems to be the big “unknown” that leaves us stressed. In our human “wisdom” we run hither and yon so to speak attempting to escape this fear.

Yet all the while, God is trying to hold us and speak comfort to us.  Just as he spoke these words to Israel; “For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:13) He speaks these words, as well as many others, to assure us of his presence.

Our challenge is that we must stop our vain attempts to fix it ourselves and listen to His calm voice anticipating His touch.

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