Exercise Your Faith

Exercise Your Faith

Posted on 14. Jan, 2010 by in Empowering

So I have a new project going on: doing a makeover on a house. During this process I have done a couple of things for the first time, some electrical and plumbing issues. To be honest, I was a little uneasy before attempting these, but I asked a lot of questions and then jumped. The exciting thing is the confidence that has developed when I successfully completed these tasks. I am ready to jump into a few bigger ones!

So this got me thinking: our faith is like that, the more we use it, the more confidence we gain to move on to greater challenges.

A couple of years ago spent a day with a spiritual giant: this man, by an ones measure, operated as the gift of an apostle. During his decades of ministry he had seen thousands filled with the spirit and many miraculous events including the dead brought back to life. In our discussion of faith he commented that God will usually start you with small things to pray for then build you up to the bigger things. If you don’t have faith for a headache, how will you have faith for cancer?

When I travel ministering the principles of apostolic authority of the believer, I do what I call a faith test. I ask by show of hands, how many people believe God can heal: most raise their hands. Then I ask how many want to be used by God to heal someone? This time many lift their hands, but it is noticeably less. Then I ask how many are actually laying hands on people, praying for them? Usually, only a handful will raise their hands. Most believer God heals, many want to be used by God, but only a few are exercising their faith.

Our faith comes because of a relationship with Jesus and his word (faith comes by hearing). But I believe our faith is developed by application. The more I step out by faith, using the authority I have been given, the more of His power I see demonstrated. Each time, my faith is increased to step out further.

Today, begin to exercise your faith. Step out on a limb (for you). Pray for the coworkers headache, the students fever, the seniors arthritic pain: watch God begin to move in their lives. The results will increase your faith for bigger things.

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  2. pst peter juma

    18. Jan, 2010

    l think martin what has hindered us not to exercise our faith is not believing in ourseif and fear,thanks for the message.

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