Faith From Our Commissioning

Posted on 27. Mar, 2009 by in Kingdom Authority, Kingdom Lifestyle

Understanding our commission is crucial to operating in apostolic authority. It defines what we are empowered to do, thus giving us the liberty to operate. It is from this we can derive a faith and freedom to operate.

The centurion in Luke 7 knew his commission and freely operated in authority. It was demonstrated by his confidence in giving instructions to his servants with an expectation they would obey. It was this same authority he saw in Jesus when he stated that if Jesus would just speak it, his servant would be made whole. Jesus responded by saying He had not seen such faith in all of Israel. How did this relate to faith?

The centurion had faith because he understood what a commission was. He knew who had sent him and what he was authorized to do. Because of this, he had a freedom to act.

It is the same with apostolic authority. When we grasp what we have been commissioned to do, we can then demonstrate with faith. As we do what we were commissioned to do, we can expect the Lord to support us because we are operating according to His instructions.

Food For Thought
What is your level of faith? Do you know what you have been commissioned to do?

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