Finding Adventure In The Mundane

Finding Adventure In The Mundane

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J4HZF53J2ZQU It’s another Monday.The alarm is ringing incessantly in your ear! You have not hear it for two days and it’s jarring you back into your real world: the mundane Monday that kicks off a week dictated by the demands of life! As you roll over to slap the snooze for the umpteenth time you wonder, “What happened to life’s adventure? Where’s the excitement gone?”

Sound familiar? Does this resonate with you? We start life with an expectancy. Maybe we had some adventures in our youth. We studied abroad. Work assignments overseas. Missions trips to remote areas. Then something called life and responsibility happened. Now we experience the mundane

Mundane “everyday, ordinary, or banal” (Free

The everyday ordinary – mundane pours in like the weight of fresh concrete; and slowly hardens. We “settled” down. We get a regular job. Buy a house. A car. Second car. Have a baby: then another. Maybe a third! Now braces for the kids. The list could go on… but I think we get the point. Somewhere along the line our life of adventure has settled into the mundane of routine.

Adventure In The Mundane

So what is adventure and how do we find it in the mundane? The way I see it, adventure is exciting because of the unknown. We do not know what to expect, what we will find, what will happen, who will we meet or something new we can experience. Too often we associate it with some exotic location. It seems the idea of traveling puts us in an adventurous mindset. The key, I believe is the mindset of expectancy! If we expect an adventure, we are more likely to have one!

So how do we find the adventure in the mundane? It requires a changing of our mindset or perspective. If we are born again we are now part of the Kingdom (Jn 3). We now become representatives of Jesus and his kingdom: authorized to conduct Kingdom business!

If see ourselves as the representatives of Jesus and His kingdom. If we acknowledge that He is ALWAYS on a mission to expand his kingdom. We can expect that he will initiate Kingdom opportunities if we are seeking them.

The adventure in not knowing if the next person you meet would lead to a divine engagement. Or how Jesus could use you to minister to someone. No greater rush of excitement than to be a conduit of divine power!

Testimony Time

Recently I was traversing at typical mundane day. At the last minute I chose to stop at a particular business. From my first interaction with an employee, it changed from mundane to an adventure. As I conducted business, this individual began to ask spiritual question (out of the blue, so to speak). As we followed the trail of conversation, there was a growing sense of spiritual hunger being displayed. After a couple of minutes, it sunk in: this was a divine interruption in my now former mundane day! Long story short, we are now engaged in a bible study with this person: both seeking to find the will of God for our lives. The humbling excitement of being used by God is such a rush! An Adventure!

The key to finding adventure in the mundane is expectancy. Ask the Lord to show you where he is at work. How does He want you to join him?  Just as you might expect adventure if you would go on a missions trip, expect adventure when you step out the door daily. After all, you are truly entering a missions field.

Food For Thought
How will you change your prayer to change your expectation?


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  1. russell

    14. Oct, 2013

    real awareness of “purpose” allows for contentment even in the “mundane”, understanding that we are in HIS time and even as we have been made in His image we are to allow our lives to be useful for His Kingdom…so much time and energy is spent desiring visual results while Jesus desires for us to have godliness with contentment which is great gain…too many times we define ourselves, results, kingdom, ministry with human eyes that cannot see the meaning or the worth of the only one that ultimately matters

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