Foggy Faith

Foggy Faith

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Apostolic Notes Vol 4 No 5

One of interesting parts of being involved in a traveling ministry is the actual travel; there are so many unique things that can happen, that it can get quite interesting. Such was the case on my recent trip to South Dakota.

Our flight from St Louis was delayed leaving the gate: once away, we pulled to the side and were told that fog had settled in over Minneapolis and that inbound flights were stopped. Thus we were going to have to wait an hour. Thankfully, after about 20 min, they cleared us and we were able to take off.

Changing planes in Minneapolis to a small commuter plane, we flew in a dense milky grey fog the entire way to our final destination. As I sat looking out the window into nothingness, I thought of the pilots of our small plane and the faith they were demonstrating: let me explain.

Because of the fog, they could not see very far, so they had to rely on three things:
• Their instruments,
• The voice of the air traffic control
• The mental picture of their final destination. (1)
Trusting all three, these men were able to get us safely to our final destination. If you know me, obviously I then took this in a spiritual context.

How many times do we find ourselves traveling through the foggy situations of life? Navigating our personal nothingness requires us to demonstrate faith. Much like the pilots, we have three things we need to rely on:
• Our instrument panel is the word of God.
• The voice of our air traffic controller is that of the Spirit
• The vision of our destination is that purpose Jesus has expressed for us to fulfill.
Foggy Faith is that faith which can take these three components and successfully navigates us to our final destination, even when we cannot see the whole situation around us.

Now I understand every natural illustration eventually falls short when you are dealing with the things of the Spirit, but let me give further clarification.

The significance of the instrument panel for the pilots is that it told them their current condition and position. Compass position, speed, altitude, direction and the internal conditions of the plane were all displayed for them to see. Trusting their instruments would allow the pilots to be at peace and calmly do their job.

As our instrument panel, the word of God reveals to us our current condition and position. It tells me that I have been renewed after the image of the one that created me (2) and that I am seated together with him in a place of spiritual authority. It tells me that all systems are working fine because he has blessed me with all spiritual blessings (4) and that I can do all things through him (5). Trusting what our instrument panel says should bring us a peace and calmness in the midst of our foggy situation.

Air Traffic Control
The voice of the air traffic control was responsible to update them regarding course corrections and of other planes around them. As we were flying, periodically you could sense the pilots making a course change. Obviously (3)there weren’t any landmarks or visible sights – it was based the instructions of the voice of the radio. Listening to the air traffic control allowed them to stay on course and avoid other dangers.

The Spirit is our air traffic controller, if you will. Being sensitive to His voice allows him to give us course corrections or warn us of impending dangers (6). In the midst of the fog, there will not be any visible signs warning us: it is training ourselves to know and trust the voice of the Spirit that will protects us and keep us on course.

The Destination
Since this was a commuter airline, it is my assumption that these pilots were familiar with their destination. They probably had landed at this airport numerous times, so they had a mental picture of where they were going. They would know what to expect as we dropped out of the fog, approaching the runway for landing. They knew the end results of our flight.

The unique thing about us is: while we are not at our final destination of fulfilling our purpose, we can see it and know it in the Spirit. Having the faith of God (7) and seeing into the spirit realm allowing the Spirit to lead us, we can know what the end our trip will be. Now I am not just speaking of our eternal trip, I also am speaking of our current situation. Understanding what we have been sent to do allows us a confident expectation of the result of our travels through the fog of our current situation.

On you journey of life, when you encounter the fog of the unknown, use your Foggy Faith: trust the word, listen to the Spirit and make those course changes in life knowing that you have a destination of purpose that God wants to fulfill.
1 – I am not a pilot; if you are and I do not get it exactly right, please forgive me.
2 – Col 3:10
3 – Eph 2:6
4 – Eph 1:3
5 – Php 4:13
6 – Rom 8:5-6
7 – Mk 11:22 YLT

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