Frustrated In Minstry? What Did You Build It On?

Frustrated In Minstry? What Did You Build It On?

Posted on 06. May, 2009 by in Challenging Status Quo

Earlier this year I taught a bible study series on the foundation of our ministries. Now this material is not original to me, however I have adapted it to our group. To me, what is so powerful about it is that it first reveals to us how many traditional churches develop their ministries.

  • First, they determine some action is necessary – reach the homeless lets say.
  • Second, they develop a program – this is how we will do it.
  • Third, they create a missions statement as to why and what they are doing to motivate people.
  • Fourth, they then begin disseminating a vision – this is how this is part of the kingdom, what God wants to do etc.
  • Finally, they go to prayer and ask God to bless what they have created.

Now, I am not saying these things are wrong. But I wonder as to the ultimate effectiveness of them. How many times do churches and individuals start something, yet in the long run it is not very productive? It becomes a challenge to motivate people to get involved. It can ultimately become a source of frustration for leadership.

Let me propose another view.

  • First begin with spiritual formation – get a connection with the King and His kingdom
  • Second, from this spiritual formation, let Him give you a Kingdom vision. A big “spiritual” picture.
  • Third, from this big picture, let Him give you the mission He has for you or your church – notice His Idea, not mine.
  • Fourthly, now develop the ministry/program to fulfill the mission He has given you.
  • Finally, you should see your actions much more fruitful because the source is the King and His kingdom.

In my ignorance, the Lord was able to take me through this process in the first church I pastored. We sought Him for the means to impact our city. His response was children and youth. we began to study and seek out examples of children’s ministries. We developed a program and trained workers. We then started. When we resigned the church and moved on, over 50% of the church was under the age of 18. Last time I spoke with the current pastor, they would have on a mid-week bible study almost as many children as was the total attendance when I left.

The point is – not what I did, but by starting with spiritual formation, we received a vision of the Kingdom and our part. In this we were able to see our mission. We then developed a program and initiated the actions. Because it was His idea, He blessed and we were fruitful.

May I suggest, if you are frustrated in your ministry or have a ministry that is not as effective as you believe it should be, take some time to evaluate it. Was it initiated because it was a good idea? or was it Jesus’ idea? If it was yours, go back to Him with a clean agenda and see what he will have you to do. If it was His idea, double check and see if you need to make any adjustments, and then be faithful in the mission and vision He has given you.

till next time

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4 Responses to “Frustrated In Minstry? What Did You Build It On?”

  1. Doug Rea

    07. May, 2009

    They just keep getting better

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  2. PaulB Thomas

    08. May, 2009

    Hi Martin
    An interesting subject and one that would make a good series too. May I add another facet to enlarge upon your valuable insight, I think that frustration comes when pastors have a vison thats theirs but never the peoples. I do think that when the vision is right for the church the people do it because its their dream and not just the pastors. I think many pastors want folks to build their dreams when in fact church folks equally talented yet not pastors have things they too, want to build.

    If pastors could see what people are building online for example he could predict what he and they’ can also build as a church.

    …just a quick thought.


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  3. Paula

    03. Jul, 2009

    Ouch! Oh my!! How right you are…..again! Thanks 🙂

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