Good Advice For Church Planters

Posted on 14. Jul, 2011 by in Re-Imaging Church

Recently I came across this blog post by Jonathon Dodson. In my humble opinion, he gives great advice new church planters. The bullet points are:

  • Fundraising: Don’t for get to ask the pagans. (his terminology)
  • Study: Spend more time with people and less time with books in the first year of church planting. Learn your city, know its lostness, love your city, re-learn how to share the gospel in your context.
  • Mission: Identify the top 10 Obstacles to the Gospel in your Context.
  • Culture: Identify the top 10 Obstacles to the Church in your Context.
  • Technology: Don’t spend ungodly amounts of money or time on developing your first website.

The key aspect to the points made, and Jonathan expounds on this in the article, is that you have to spend time in the area/city/culture you are ministering to. I think in our current society, it is too easy for “ministers” to get caught up in the details of doing church: the planning, study, mechanics of doing the Sunday service. In reality, how can we really know how to speak the good news (Gospel) if we do not know the story of the people we are attempting to minister to? Anyways, I think if you are a church planter, it is well worth the few moments to read.

For full explanations of each, the link below will take you to the article.

Acts 29 Network: Seattle, WA >.

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