Hunting For Kingdom Opportunity

Hunting For Kingdom Opportunity

Posted on 10. Oct, 2013 by in Kingdom Lifestyle

Joining God where he is working

I get a variety of email newsletters, they are my way of staying informed and sources of inspiration, especially for writing. Recently, one such email was entitled “Three ways to avoid mediocrity in art and work.” One particular part of this article resonated with me. The author was describing how they watched a cat who would regularly patrol the yard looking for prey: they labeled it a “hunting trail.” His human take on this was:

When she is walking this trail, she is intense, instinctively looking for a break in the norm as she goes about her routine. When she sees a disruption — some unlucky creature jumping out of the grass — she pounces.

She knows how to put herself in the right place at the right time to have the best chance for success.

The author then applies this same mindset to maintaining a creativity in their lives, that we should establish….

…daily routines and practices that put us in a position where we’re likely to experience creative insights. Many people don’t build these kinds of hunting trails. Instead, they wander aimlessly, waiting for an opportunity, some “mouse” to simply wander across their path.

Spiritual Shift Coming….

Now, lets make a shift in application. How often to we establish a “hunting trail” for Kingdom manifestation. Or, let me put it this way: How often to we walk through our daily lives with a Kingdom intentionality? What do I mean by intentionality?

We all have our routines of life; we get up and prepare of work or school. We typically drive the same route, stop at the same gas station or Starbucks (you know I had to put that in!) eat at the same restaurants or sit at the same table in the breakroom. We kinda develop an auto pilot mode, especially regarding  the spiritual. Yes we will discuss spiritual principles IF the situation drops in our lap, but we do not  necessarily look for it. What I suggest is we become like this cat and develop intentional routines of seeking to Kingdom expression.

To start, we should develop the right mentality, leading to the actions that intentionally put us in places to recognize God’s working in someones life. Our daily prayer should be something like: “God show me where you are working today” or “God where do you want me to join you on your mission today?” Then we should intentionally look for the divine interruptions as we travel our daily routines.

We should also make MINOR adjustments to our routines, placing ourselves in advantageous positions. For example, don’t sit reading your bible alone at lunch! Put it away, yes, away and invite someone to join you! Whether you are in the breakroom or out to eat, invite someone and get to know their story! You will be amazed how God will nudge you as you develop friendships. We should seek to put ourselves in the right place at the right time, being available for God, for the best chance of Kingdom success!

If we intentionally seek how we can invite others into our daily routine, we can expect God will begin to open the opportunities to express His Kingdom!

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