Is The Battery Good?

Is The Battery Good?

Posted on 22. Jun, 2009 by in Empowering, Kingdom Lifestyle

I do not know if you have had the opportunity to look inside many pulpits. You know, many of big older ones have cabinets or shelves in them. It is amazing what you will find. This space is a convenient one to quickly slip something after you have finished using it for the service.

The other day, I looked inside the one we have and I noticed along with everything else, two 9v batteries that we use for our cordless mic, lying on the shelf. Naturally, my next thought was: “Are they any good?” “Do they have any power in them?” How could I tell? They were just lying there. They looked in good shape; they looked like a battery should. Yet the only way to find out was to put them to use.

This illustration can be used of many of us in Christianity. We can have the appropriate look; say the right things and project the typical Christian image. Yet – how do we and the world know we have the power we speak of? How do we prove to the world that we know Jesus and He is as wonderful and powerful as we declare? The answer is the same as the batteries – we must be put to use!

Throughout scripture, Jesus is recorded as empowering people. Within this empowerment, there is either an explicit or implied command to go and do something with the power. (Matt 10:1, 28: 18,19, Mk 3:15, Lk 10:19). It was in the actions, the power was demonstrated.

Each one that is born again of the water and the Spirit is like a spiritual battery. Within us, God has placed a gifting and method for the gift to operate. As we are put to use, we will see the power placed in us revealed. This is the way He has chosen to reveal His kingdom to this world.

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  1. PaulB Thomas

    22. Jun, 2009

    Quote: ‘God has placed a gifting and method for the gift to operate.’

    I like this! The other day I was pondering about the diversity of gifts an difference of administrations. (1 Cor 12:5,6 ) why we use different platforms and different ways to present Christ. The message is the same, the approach or medium is different. Some preach Jesus through media others through their marketing skills, others through their business and business knowledge. The platform is different and therefore the ‘operation’ or operational system is many.

    Thanks Martin for providing a great key. This small key can help many realise that we dont all have to be preachers! just use the platform which you find most neccessary for your passion.


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  2. Pam

    24. Jun, 2009

    When my grandson was a few years old, he was quite impressed with the platform in the church building. It was the place where the pastor stood and our grandson had learned kids could not play on the platform and, further, only invited individuals could stand on the platform with the pastor. So, our grandson referred to it–having misunderstood the pronunciation of the word “platform”–to be the “plat-for-him.” Lower case “h”. The plat to elevate a human. I pray for there to be a “plat-for HIM” among HIS people, where HE alone is elevated. Thank you, Bro. Schmaltz for your writings.

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  3. Paula

    03. Jul, 2009

    Charged and ready to go everyday!

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