Is Your Theology Reality?

Is Your Theology Reality?

Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by in Kingdom Lifestyle

Yesterday, while attending New Life Center in Bridgeton MO, the pastor Garry Tracy made one of those statements that summarizes a whole lot. He commented: “It is interesting that the first book of the bible after the resurrection is the Acts of the Apostles, not the theology of the Apostles.” Wow! This so resonated with my spirit.

If you stop and think about it, how much of modern Christianity is a debate of different theological views. Different denominations pronounce their correctness based on a particular theological dogma they hold to. Subsequently, they spend countless hours of energy defending the purity of their views. This was the attitude of the dogmatic Pharisee of Jesus day.

It blows my mind (what little one I have) that the Pharisees did not argue Jesus’ miracles: they argued his right to do them based on their theology. If he were spiritual, he would not do these things on the Sabbath. If he were truly of God, he would keep the traditions handed down by our elders. This man cannot be spiritual because he does not have the same theology.

What I like about Garry’s statement was that it reveals that the apsotles had an understanding of what they were sent to do. That is not to debate theology, but to demonstrate their King and His kingdom. We all understand that a picture speaks a thousand words. How much more would demonstrating the miraculous power of Jesus Christ reveal the truth of his nature?

We are at a place in history today; the people of this world are tired of the theological debate. They want some one to “put up or shut up!” Or to quote the old Wendy’s commercial: “Where’s the beef?” The masses of this world are hungry for something that is real; they want substance, something that will bring nourishment and strength to their spirits.

The world today: our coworkers, neighbors, classmates or family member are looking for someone to make God real, they want to believe – lets show them something to believe in. Lets continue the book of ACTS!

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  1. Aaron Cirilo

    07. Dec, 2009

    Good thought. Although, I would dare to say that before Christ left He spent 40 days Acts 1:1-8 giving proofs and “speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God:” There would be no ‘Acts of the Apostles’ unless there is instruction from God. Proceeding His resurrection, Jesus spend lots of time with the disciples in instruction and ministry. Lots of the Epistles were written in the time frame of the record of Acts to defend the “true” gospel. I agree that our emphasis should be action but not at the expense of pure theology (Study of God). We have a responsibility to make sure our experience lines up with God’s reality.

    God Bless

    God Bless

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