Just Like Momma Said!

Just Like Momma Said!

Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by in Empowering, Kingdom Authority

With a determined look on her face, the younger of two sisters, marched into the older sisters room. Coming to an abrupt stop in front of her sibling, placing one small hand on her hip, she raised the other pointing and with immense satisfaction uttered these words: “Momma said for you to….”

This scenario is probably all too familiar to those of us who have siblings or are raising children. How often did we see the faith in which the younger child would execute the orders mom gave, especially when they involved authority over the elder sibling.

This younger sister was sent as Mom’s representative to deliver a message to the elder. The younger was probably small and physically weaker, yet she possessed more authority – because she was sent by a recognized greater power – Mom! The younger demonstrated her faith by delivering the message, invoking the name of this power by stating: “Momma said” and expected results!

Spiritual or Apostolic authority is much the same.
We have been sent as Jesus representative (See What Is Apostolic). It is our purpose to demonstrate the power of our King and his kingdom. In our natural self, we are small and weak in comparison to the principalities and powers we fight against – yet we posses greater authority.

Our faith is demonstrated when we go and perform our commissioning; invoking the name of our king Jesus, who is recognized as having all power, therefore we should expect results!

Advance the Kingdom today, go and exercise your authority!

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