Mind Altering Books Of 2010

Mind Altering Books Of 2010

Posted on 12. Jan, 2011 by in Re-Imaging Church

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce

The following is a list of the books that significantly impacted me in 2010. To reach this list, these books changed, clarified or reinforced my (new way of) thinking. Obviously, I do not agree with every word, but enough to recommend them.

Total Church Chester & Timmis
What impacted me most regarding this book was their grasp on the holistic application of the Gospel. It is much greater than the salvation experience, but is something that should daily confront the weakness and frailty of our lives.

The Tangible KingdomHalter & Smay
What I loved about this book is its realness. The authors are very real in discussing where they were with “doing church” and how they were able to transition to a place of making the Gospel real in everyday life.

UnchristianKinnaman & Lyons
This book was an eye opener. It can be a shocker to hear how the average unchurch/professing non-christian views christians, church and religion.

Untamed – Hirsch & Hirsch
Untamed will unleash your passion for genuine, in the trenches, everyday living discipleship. Just the way Jesus did it.

The Forgotten Ways Handbook – Hirsh
This is definitely for the leader. It covers the principles of creating a missional structure for an assembly. Not a shallow read, but well worth it.

The Missional Leader – Roxburgh & Romanuk
This is for the established pastor who desires to transition a segment of the assembly to a more missional focus. What was a real eye opener was the discussion on the three zones of organizational culture that assemblies or denominations move thru. It might be scary to find where you are in this. Another heavy read, but well worth it for the inner core of leadership if you want to transition a church.

Honorable Mention
Organic Leadership – Cole
Church 3.0 – Cole

I would be interested to hear any comments you may have regarding them.

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