Moving – Boxes & Baggage

Moving – Boxes & Baggage

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Apostolic Notes Vol 3 No 9
When you move your household you have to sort through the “stuff” you have accumulated. Those boxes of “special” items that you just know “one day I’ll need” or “so and so gave to us.” When we moved four years ago, there were one or two wedding gifts (in the original boxes) that in 25 years had never been used AND were moved 6 times – to and fro in Michigan, Georgia and Missouri!

Initially, these items have significance based on from whom, where, why or how we acquired them. Once we have them, we neatly tuck them away in basements, attics, closets or storage units until it is time to move; then we have to address their significance and necessity – again. How often out of convenience they are just tossed on the truck, after all, they’re already boxed up, or use other services from sites like for this.

Today as we are packing – I thought of a spiritual parallel regarding moving. How often do we find that when God moves us from one spiritual place to another, we have to deal with a lot of “special” things we have stored away in our spirits? Unfortunately, many times we just throw them on “the truck” and take them along.

When the Lord led Israel from Egypt, their first destination was a wilderness area (Ex 13:18). Four hundred years as slaves resulted in some things that needed to be taken to the dump, so to speak, for them to make the move to the promise land. At specific stops in this move, they needed to address “issues” that they accumulated in their life. Some of these included their bondage of the past, bitterness and desire for the Egyptian lifestyle.

When the Lord desires to move us we must examine similar baggage, things like:

• The bondage to our past – limiting spiritual traditions of man.
• Bitterness – hurts or disappointments collected over the years.
• A comfortable lifestyle – our mundane spiritual routines.
• And many others that are personal and unique to our lives.

Left unaddressed, these eventually weigh us down to the place we choose not to make a move because it is too much effort.

Today you may not be making a household move – but I believe God is telling you it is time to move spiritually. The uneasiness you sense is the knowledge that you will have to address the “stuff” stored away in your spirit. I challenge you – go to that spiritual attic, basement or closet and allow the Lord to help you “clean house.” It will make the move lighter.

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4 Responses to “Moving – Boxes & Baggage”

  1. Paula

    09. Jul, 2009

    …thanks for sharing I appreciate you and your post!

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  2. Joe Janowski

    10. Jul, 2009


    What a great analogy! Having moved 7 or 8 times in 16 years I can relate. We always had a yard sale to get rid of things we didn’t need. We figured if the stuff was in a box for over a year and wasn’t used that we didn’t need it.

    Col. 2 warns us of traditions of men. For the longest time I thought it was talking about everyone’s traditions but mine. Through various relocations and teachings of different ministers I was able to recognize that I had traditions that weren’t Biblical. Too bad we can’t just get rid of them in a yard sale. 😉

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  3. Clarence Frick

    10. Jul, 2009

    The reason we are having trouble finding a church home is because we have discarded a lot of baggage we have been loaded down with that is nothing but tradition. I can’t do things just because the preacher says so. The bible still says to study to show ourselves approved.

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  4. derekpm

    12. Jul, 2009

    Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

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