2009 Archive

Vol 3 No 1 – The Real Church (PDF)
Many today are turned off to the idea of church because they see it as an organization built on man’s traditions. This was not what Jesus intended it to become. Read more to see what the Real Church is all about.

Vol 3 No 2 – Do People Look At You Strange? (PDF)
How do others see you? Do they look at you funny, like you don’t belong? Maybe we don’t?

Vol 3 No 3 – What’s In A Name (PDF)
We must be careful of the names that we use; especially in regards to spiritual truths. Names can either liberate or bring into bondage.

Vol 3 No 4 – Church Is Like A Sandwich (PDF)
It is not just having the right ingredients that makes a sandwich, it is having them in the right order. See an idea on how this applies to the church

Vol 3 No 10 – When The Church Speaks (PDF)