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Living In Kingdom Authority – Every Believer’s Privilege

Living In Kingdom Authority is a word of inspiration, empowering the believer to demonstrate the miraculous power of Jesus as his sent representatives. Beginning with Adam as God’s glory bearer to creation, we show that by Jesus’ restoration, this same purpose has been given back to the believers. With a solid biblical basis, we present practically what it means: to be in His image, to be apostolic and how to effectively demonstrate the power of His kingdom.

Living In Kingdom Authority challenges some of the limiting religious traditions of modern Christianity, beginning by revealing what the bible says about tradition and its effects. Further, we counter the idea of the modern self-centered, consumerist, bless me, escapist gospel with the Gospels true purpose of Kingdom restoration.

Living In Kingdom Authority will inspire, shock and challenge the believer to rise above their nominal christianity and step into the role they have been given by Jesus as his sent representative!

Only $12.95 (for both) + FREE shipping – Paperback, 140 pages

 But God, You Promised! – What’s Happening When Nothing’s Happening!

The purpose of “But God, You Promised…” is to connect with the heart of believers who are experiencing a “silent” God in the midst of a wilderness wandering, waiting for their promise to materialize. It is a peek into His process of development: when it appears nothing is happening, is when everything is happening.

By examining the life of Joseph, we will see that it is this very promise from the Lord that becomes the instrument of our purification and development. It is in this long wilderness time that our character and skills are developed, preparing us for the fulfillment of His promise.

But God, You Promised… is to nudge your faith, encouraging you to keep on keepin’ on! God has you right where he wants you!

 Only $12.95 (for both) + FREE shipping