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Posted on 12. Oct, 2009 by in Empowering

You cannot make it as a wandering generality, you must become a meaningful specific. –  zig ziglar

I had an interesting encounter one day. My wife and I were at the Laundromat doing our laundry (that is another story) and I noticed this other gentleman who came in. Now what was noticeable about him was how he was dressed and how he carried himself. He was out of place for a typical laundry in our area. He was dressed in slacks and a dress shirt. There was the “aura” about him; he possessed a subtle yet commanding presence, he walked with a confidence and purpose.

Now I did not really intrude or attempt to follow up, but it put some thoughts in my mind: How powerful it is when we know our purpose in life.  Thus the title for this posting:


Understanding our giftings, how God has created you will begin to focus you on your purpose. Knowing the arena in which you should operate these gifts further clarifies your purpose.

When you know the authentic DNA you have been created with and how it is to be expressed, it will ignite within you a fire. Knowing who you are and what you are about, is something that no situation of life, nor person, or environment can extinguish. You have come alive with passion.

Now that you know what you are about and allowing that fire to burn in you it does something very important – it will cause you to focus. Now some things that you used to “just do” become irrelevant. You begin focus on the steps that will allow you to achieve your purpose. This is where the power now happens. Your passion is now FOCUSED on the steps that will achieve your purpose; much like diffuse light is focused to a laser and can cut.

More than ever, in these times we are in, we need to be focusing on our purpose. Let it ignite the passion in your spirit. Let others see the fire of a life on purpose burning bright in everything you do. Make your plans to fulfill this purpose.

“Set yourself on fire and the world will come watch you burn”

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