Rules & Rock Stars

Rules & Rock Stars

Posted on 15. Jun, 2009 by in Empowering, Kingdom Lifestyle

On my way to starbucks this morning, the on air personalities of the radio program I was listening to made this comment: “Rock stars play by different rules.” They then went on to discussed some of the actions that the rich and famous could get away with. Their premise was that because they possess riches or money they did not have to operate by the same rules as the rest of the people. Part of their discussion centered around the idea that their wealth produced a confidence in these individuals that they could get away with breaking the traditional rules.

Immediately I thought: “There are two sets of rules, man’s and the Kingdoms” and “Kingdom rock stars play by different rules – The Kings rules. “

Think about this, man’s rules are those of limitations: “You can’t do that.” “Things like that don’t happen any more.” “We don’t need those giftings anymore.” “Don’t stir things up.” On an on, we see how the traditions of man’s religion have created a set of rules and regulations to keep the masses in line.

Kingdom rules are of a different source: they are based on a wealth so to speak, the wealth of Heaven. Kingdom rock stars have the entire resources of our King and his kingdom at our fingertips. We need to see this and begin to act by kingdom rules.

Our king has given us a different set of rules to play by:

  • He has sent us as He was sent (Jn 17:18, Jn 20:21)
  • He has given us power over the enemy (Lk 10:19)
  • We have been empowered with His power (Lk 24:49,
  • We have been given the power to speak for Him (Mt 17:20, 21:21, Mk 11:23)
  • He has given us all the promises and resources we need (2 Peter 1:4, Eph 1:3)

There are many more that we could cover. The point being, as kingdom rockstars, we do not play by the world’s rules. We have been authorized to demonstrate a different set of rules.

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3 Responses to “Rules & Rock Stars”

  1. PaulB Thomas

    15. Jun, 2009

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for this post. I was actually ministering on a similar thoughs yesterday in Cardiff wales saying how the victorian attitudes have crept into the chruch, to the point where the ‘rules’ are we sit quietly in church and listen. Whereas in America peole get enthusiatic and make the meeting a celebration.

    Anyway on another note I was studying back a while ago on the heavy metal group’s and ‘death metal’ groups strong in Europe. One such groups ‘Deicide’ got their name from ‘Dei’ (Deity) and ‘cide’ (to kill) or ‘Kill God.’ Their songs are sang by group leaders, some of which have pentecostal backgrounds, and their lyrics are blasphemous and satanic. If ever theres a subject youth aught to study ..this would be the one.

    Again thanks for provoking thought.

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  2. Martin Schmaltz

    16. Jun, 2009

    Paul, Thanks for your comments. Hopefully we can meet some day.

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  3. Paula

    03. Jul, 2009

    oh thanks this was good!

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