Ministry Topics

Equipping and empowering is the focused ministry of Martin. The purpose is to increase the faith of the believer to demonstrate Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

Some of the ministry topics include:

Session 1 – Purpose
There are believers that are asking if there is more to living for God than just going to heaven and why? This session asks thought provoking questions to set up the foundation of this series:

  • What was God’s purpose for creation?
  • What’s His original purpose for man?
  • What’s His plan for His body today?

Session 2 – What it means to be Jesus’ representative
This session will impact the faith of the believer as they discover they have been sent as the personal representative of Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

Session 3 – Finding your place of Kingdom Authority
Each born again believer has been gifted. Finding the optimal place or method of operation will result in the miraculous demonstration of the power of the Kingdom.

Session 4 – How to operate in Kingdom authority
This session reveals one of God’s methods of demonstrating the miraculous power of His kingdom. This is a time of practical application: many, for the first time, are used in the miraculous.

Strongholds are one of the greatest enemies to a believers spiritual success. Faith is stunted as the promises of God are filtered through these lenses of limitation.

This series gives insight into the nature of strongholds, their source, and how God wants the believer to be free!

Some Titles:

  • Defining Spiritual Strongholds
  • Overcoming Spiritual Strongholds
  • Letting God Out of YOUR Box
  • Our Greatest Battle
  • The Necessity of Offense

Faith is essential for demonstrating the Kingdom of Jesus. It is more than a mental agreement: it is seeing what is accomplished in the Spirit and then demonstrating its reality.

Some Titles:

  • Having The Faith of God
  • Becoming A Son of God
  • Show Me Your Ways
  • Another Spirit

This series covers the source, purpose and results of the operation of the ministry gifts. A gifts inventory along with description and applications are discussed.

The born again experience places us into a transformational lifestyle: one in which we learn to live and demonstrate the culture of His kingdom. Using the Sermon On The Mount, this series reveals that culture and how it impacts the world around us.

The most effective ministry is one based on a passion for the Kingdom. This series reveals the process of spiritual formation and empowerment of a passion based ministry.

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