Spend Time With The Few To Reach The Many

Posted on 01. Aug, 2012 by in Re-Imaging Church, Kingdom Lifestyle

Great thoughts on discipleship!

Spend Time With The Few To Reach The Many – Kevin Peck | Verge Network.

“Jesus’ method was this: spend time with the few in order to reach the many. Why is it that our churches spend so much time on the many to reach the few? We don’t just need to teach them about Him. We must teach them to obey and this doesn’t happen through a sermon and latte on Sunday morning. Teaching our people to obey happens through life on life, incarnational discipleship.”

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  1. Pastor Gigi

    05. Sep, 2012

    Thanks for sharing. I think it is safe to say there seems to be many reversals when we look through the image of His Word.

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