Success & Flying A Kite

Success & Flying A Kite

Posted on 13. May, 2009 by in Kingdom Lifestyle

What is the key common factor in both flying a kite and success? Resistance.

This thought came to me yesterday as my thoughts wandered to the idea of success. I would imagine, every one wants to be successful at something; to be able to point to something and say, “I did that.” Yet, I believe there is something in us that wants this success quickly, without real work. In almost any business or endeavor, individuals are looking for the magic bullet so to speak that will bring the success with little or no effort.

A quick overview of history will remind us that most of the individuals who were credited with the major discoveries of mankind, faced opposition and resistance. They were told it can’t be done, it will never fly, or some were even accused of being crazy. Yet this resistance urged them to press on to the success of their dreams. You know, even Jesus needed resistance to succeed: someone had to put him on a cross.

Resistance is called by many names: trials, opposition, tribulation, battles, struggles and probably many more. Whatever name it goes by, it produces success in us by taking us thru a process of discovery and development.  This journey of discovery manifests itself in patience, experience and hope; all of which are more valuable than just obtaining the object of our success.

The first step of this journey develops in us patience or endurance. True success comes to those who can hang in there when things get tough. In many sports, the athlete who has the greater endurance is the one who has the greatest chance of winning. It is also in this endurance or patience; we get a look at what we are really made of. It is in patient endurance our character is revealed; then we have a choice to improve upon it.

Due to the challenge of this resistance, many times multiple methods or attempts are necessary; producing in us a wealth of experience. Thomas Edison was asked if he had failed because so many attempts to make a light bulb didn’t work, he responded: “I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” In many cultures, particularly the Asian, the elderly are highly respected for their knowledge and experience gained from many years of overcoming life’s challenges.

In reality, true success is not in achieving the object or goal we are working for, it is what we become because of the resistance we face. After we have traveled down the road of this journey, we can look back and see how we have changed and the experience we have gained. This perspective can then give us hope for the future.

Success in life, business or kite flying is based on the resistance. Without it, we really can’t “get off the ground” and the greater the resistance, the higher we can go.  So in your journey to success, don’t bemoan the problems and struggles but embrace them and see them as what they are, the “wind” that is necessary to make you a success.

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  1. Clint Murphy

    13. May, 2009

    Thank You God for speaking to me directly. The difficulties that I am facing had me puzzled (Is it me, or is it God trying to tell me something). Regardless, God has his hand on my life. I’m sure the situations that Jacob found himself in was some what out of the blue and difficult, but by staying grounded/connected to the one flying the kite, great heights were achieved.

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