The Line!

The Line!

Posted on 30. Jun, 2009 by in Challenging Status Quo, Kingdom Lifestyle

Ok, so I had a revelation of the limitations of my paradigms. The other day I was using these long sheets of bubble for packing. To make these sheets easier to use, the manufacture places perforated lines for you to tear. Unfortunately these pre determined lines resulted in extra bubble wrap being used.

As I was getting ready to tear one strip, complaining of the waste, I had this illumination hit me: I had a pair of scissors! I did not have to tear it at the line.

Then I had this realization of my paradigm: this little perforated line, was limiting my actions.  – Ok, go ahead and laugh!

Then the irony of the situation hit me, much of my writing and ministry is challenging the strongholds that limit our giftedness. Here a simple little line was limiting me.

Speaking of lines let me give you another example. Years ago in graduate school, one of my instructors was telling of a trip to the hospital with his friends who were expecting a baby. As he began to walk down a particular hallway, a nurse frantically stopped him and told him not go that way because it was a sterile hallway. He noted there were no doors or any way to seal the hallway entrance – only a blue line across the floor.

This instructor inquired of the nurse if she was serious and her response was a definite yes. He then stuck his hand over the line and waved it and asked, “Do the germs know this?”

About this time, a janitor comes along with an old beat up mop bucket, mopping the floor. He casually, moves on past the blue line mopping the floor. No special garments or equipment: just a mop and bucket.

The instructor now asks: “Does he know it is a sterile hallway?” to which the nurse replies, “Oh yes! He is sterilizing it.”

The power of a line.

It is almost scary how predetermined lines can unconsciously limit us in our lives.
What lines do you have, unconsciously, limiting your giftedness? Who drew those lines? Are you OK with this?  – Just a thought.

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3 Responses to “The Line!”

  1. Scott Carver

    30. Jun, 2009

    Oh man. Martin, I have so many lines I’m still trying to untangle myself from them. I feel like the stick that is used to knock down a spider’s web.

    Who drew those lines? Well, in today’s society, I think I’m supposed to blame someone in my past but in reality I can only blame myself. I’m not at all ok with this. I’m trying to get beyond some of those lines and so far, with God’s help it really is as easy as the janitor with the mop buckey. I just walk.

    Thanks for the thought
    Because of HIM

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  2. karen

    30. Jun, 2009

    I just love it when the normal everyday tasks bring some of life’s greatest lessons. Sometimes I can’t see the lines but I know they are there, preventing me from moving forward. Other times, I know the lines are just keeping me comfortable, when I need to go beyond my comfort zone to the place God wants me. Now, where’s that eraser…

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  3. Brian Knack

    01. Jul, 2009

    Whoa. What a timely and much needed word.

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