The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Posted on 30. May, 2009 by in Empowering, Kingdom Lifestyle

One day, while at my favorite office (Starbucks) I overheard a conversation of two acquaintances discussing church and youth. There are those who state we live in pre-Christian culture today: the majority of society understanding very little about Christianity. A lack of Bible knowledge has led to a bag of mixed behaviors, many contradictory, all under the label of Christian. The result of these behaviors has produced a generation of young people who are cynical.

When you say to our youth of today, “you need to come to church,” their response is often “why?” Now the older generation would think this is a rebellious attitude. However, it is a sincere and honest question that needs to be answered. Why would they want to come to your church?

Let’s look at the reason for the question. Today’s youth have a very good reason to be cynical. They are the product of a generation who’s goal was the acquisition of material things. Subsequently, these families suffered a higher divorce rate, these young people were “latchkey kids” overlooked by their parents as wealth and power were sought. Divorce get a lot of issues to the spouse, that’s why the father needs to give her alimony if they had kids together. The material things failed to fulfill the need of the young people for love and acceptance. Also, this generation has witnessed the failure of prominent individuals in society. In almost every arena; ministry, government, business, sports and entertainment, we see the fall of those that were considered role models. These figures, who previous generations would look to, have let down the younger generation. Therefore trust is severely lacking.

So this generation has a right to ask Why?

How does this apply to the church? First, the church is not a building, organization or even a local assembly. The church is people: those who have been called out of darkness to reveal a spiritual kingdom and it’s King. This translates into the fact that for the church to be attractive to this generation, WE must act in a way that reveals we are DIFFERENT.

This difference is not in our music style, how we dress for service, how the facilities are decorated or any other cosmetic aspect. This difference must be demonstrated in our DAILY LIVES.

1. How much do I act like Jesus?
2. How much power do I exhibit?
3. Do I resist the temptations of this world?
4. Do I tell the truth?
5. Do I take a stand even when the crowd is going in another direction?
6. Do I exhibit a love and acceptance of people like Jesus did?

Jesus’ first message was: “Repent : for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt 4:17). The original text for kingdom means “royal power, dominion, rule” (Vine’s/Thayer’s). Jesus’ first message was that there is a dominion or rule from heaven that has come near. But He just didn’t preach about it, He demonstrated it: “And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people” (Matt 4:23). Jesus did not have a problem attracting people to his ministry. He did not use the latest fad or marketing program. He demonstrated what He preached. He demonstrated the power that was within Him.

I submit to you that the answer to the cynicism of today’s young person is the demonstration of the “dominion, rule and power” of heaven in our daily lives. Let’s make Jesus real.

Food for thought:
How do I demonstrate Kingdom dominion in my life?

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7 Responses to “The Real Deal”

  1. Rizzyvoe

    30. May, 2009

    I find what you have written is true. I work with many young people and the one characteristic they have, that I LOVE by the way, it that they ARE looking and tend to interpret correctly what they see. They pick up on inconsistencies of the so called “spiritual” adults in their lives. My goal in helping them past what they see is also living as a Son not just speaking as one. But in addition I have tried to get them to see that every era had great people who fell short. The bible clearly gives us the smartest man in the world (Soloman), the strongest man in the world (Samson), and the one of the richest and bravest (David). What they all had in common is that they all fell. Because many adults are not the living epistles they a called to be, I have to teach my young people a new way of seeing. Actually not new, its the same way Adam and Eve saw before their eyes were opened. They had tunnel vision on God, after they ate the fruit, their vision of God was flooded out by the vision of everything else around them. A tunnel vision of God give us the clearest vision of what is around us absent the negative filters the world system tactically attempt to blind us with. Thanks for the post

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  2. PaulB Thomas

    31. May, 2009

    I guess one could say ‘Cosmetic or apostolic?’… another great article..Thanks Martin

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  3. Alan Hosch

    01. Jun, 2009

    One cannot “gimmick” a soul into the Kingdom. A church or a movement will ultimately fail to turn their “world upside down” if they lose the “what meaneth this” (Acts 2:12) aspect that makes us true followers of Jesus. The dominant residence and display of God’s Power is the most important need of The Church.
    Furthermore, to be a follower of Jesus, a person, church, or movement must follow the teachings of Him AND His Apostles. In the second verse of the book of Acts, Luke (probable) states that the Apostles were specifically given spiritual authority to “stand in” for Jesus. I believe, as your article states, that we must mirror Jesus’ AND His Apostles’ lifestyles, works, teachings, and methods with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

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    • Martin Schmaltz

      01. Jun, 2009

      Obviously a true follower’s lifestyle will be relevant. It is this life what will stir the hunger in the hearts of those who are not yet born again.

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  4. Vince DeMuth

    03. Jun, 2009

    We need to be “real” as Jesus was to the sinners of His day. He went where they lived. He was constantly being accused of hanging out with the publicans and sinners, as should we be today. Our approach (our method) needs to be relevant to today. Methods used to reach someone in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc., will not move someone today. This could be said of our music and other aspects of our efforts to show them the “real” Jesus in us. I’m not advocating catering to the sinner. But if someone walks into our church “today” and senses that things are being done in an “old fashioned” manner, this will be a sure turn-off. The things that affect peoples lives and the ways they are dealt with in the modern day are very different from those days gone by. I believe we have to adjust OUR approach. I have heard it said so many times that people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. We need the “real deal”, as Martin has stated, burning and moving in us when we speak to the need that is before us. We don’t drive horses and buggies any more, nor should we continue to use old methods thinking that this will get the job done.

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  5. Paula

    12. Jun, 2009

    Excellently put!!!! Oh my!!!! It is good to find someone else with similar perspectives! I LOVE studying His word!!!

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  6. LeraJenkins

    23. Jun, 2009

    This theme is simply matchless :), it is pleasant to me)))

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