Time To Use Your Authority

Time To Use Your Authority

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Apostolic Notes vol 5 No 1 (PDF version)

Much is being said today about the authority to demonstrate the miraculous power of the Kingdom. In using this terminology, I believe we are speaking of a similar authority that Jesus first demonstrated which was then passed on to the apostles and the first century church.

This authority was evidenced by powerful messages that were confirmed by miraculous signs and wonders. Currently there are some groups whose focus is on the manifestation of power and the miraculous outcome. However, there appears to be a lack of understanding of the source, means of transmission and biblical usage of this authority.

To begin with, we must look at the biblical basis of authority.  An examination of the biblical definitions of the words power and authority will establish a firm foundation for us to build upon.

Power & Authority

In the New Testament we see two words that are translated as power, they are dunamis and exousia.  It is significant to understand the meaning of each and its application to demonstrating Kingdom authority.

  • Dunamis means: “strength, ability or power. It refers to an inherent power, a power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature.” (Thayer’s)
  • Exousia, on the other hand: “denotes a freedom of action or right to act.” (Vine’s)
  • Authority, according to Nelsons Illustrated Bible dictionary is: “the power or right to do something, particularly to give orders and see that they are followed. It means a persons right to do certain things, It emphasizes the legality and right more than physical strength.”

Putting this in perspective, dunamis or power, is the strength or ability to do something while exousia or authority, is the legal right to use the dunamis of another and expect results.

This difference between power and authority is imperative to our understanding if we desire to minister with Kingdom authority. Dunamis or power is something inherent (abiding within) by virtue or nature of an individual. Exousia or authority is from an external source, it is the legal right to use another’s, i.e. Jesus Christ’s, dunamis.

A good illustration can be seen in a common scenario exhibited on our highways. A particular driver may be stopped for speeding by a five foot two, one hundred and ten pound female police officer. This driver is taller, heavier and stronger and could “take them.” However, the driver is respectful and holds his peace, because he is aware of who this officer represents. In examining this illustration it is apparent that the driver of the car may have a certain amount of power or dunamis that is greater than the power or dunamis of the police officer. However, the officer has more exousia or authority. They have the legal right to use the power or dunamis of the government they are representing, and this power is greater than that of the driver.

Grasping this truth will have significant bearing on our individual Kingdom demonstration. My authority is not based on my personal ability, strength or perceived worth: it is based on my understanding that I have been sent and authorized (authority) to be His representative.  There is a faith action required; I must be obedient to Him, to go and use His power in the manner that He has authorized or prescribed.

The liberating truth is that I do not have to get worked up spiritually, but by faith, obediently act on His authorization and I can expect Him to do His part.

(Adapted from our teaching series: Living In Kingdom Authority. For More info see our Ministry Topics. You can also view a video clip taken from the first lesson here.)


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