We are destination focused, God is process focused. Life is a journey 	of becoming.

We are destination focused, God is process focused. Life is a journey of becoming.

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So much of human nature is about achievement. It is about reaching that goal, destination or accomplishment. Once done, it is something we can place in our emotional and/or literal trophy case and point to: “I did that!”

Stop and think about it a minute. You have a list of “do its” today, written or mental. You will judge your success today by how many you accomplish. When this day is done, you will make another list.

We look at life and establish our goals  – our road map so to speak. We believe the completion of these goals to be the necessary components to arrive at our desired destination of success. Unfortunatley, I have known of people who have achieved the goals, arrived – and were just as dissatisified as before. They climbed the ladder of success, only to realize it was against the wrong wall.

On the other hand, God is not only a focused on destination, but maybe even more focused on the process.
Paul writes to the Philippian church: “And I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again ” Phil 1:6 NLT

Some simple observations from this text:

  • God initiated a work within us
  • It is a good work
  • It is not finished yet
  • It is a continual work – meaning we have not arrived – yet
  • It won’t be finished until the return of Jesus Christ

Review the life of some of your bible hero’s and see how God put them thru a developmental journey of life. Abram, Joseph, Moses and David to name a few. It was not about how quick they achieved something: it was about what THEY BECAME in the process.

The frustrating situation you find yourself in can be the very took God is using to make you into something He can better use down the road.

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  1. JoshuaWinebelt

    16. Oct, 2009

    good word Martin!
    my view on this is that God is the author and finisher, so whatever start, starts with God and whatever ends, ends with God.
    This means to me, that i can do all things through Him loves me and with God all things are possible!

    so, whatever ‘i’ do will be a little thing within the Kingdom of God, but all ‘little’ things (when they join the corporate vision of God) will accomplish things bigger than humanity.

    Apostolic vision is working in the ‘net’ of God, join together as one for the name of Jesus!

    and also; ‘you’re never done, you’ve never fulfilled your final work’ so as for me this is a true saying ‘i will pray,study and meditate on God and be a student untill my Father wants me to come home’

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