What Color Are Your Glasses?

What Color Are Your Glasses?

Posted on 20. Jul, 2009 by in Kingdom Lifestyle

Change your perspective, change you destiny. We all see through some type of colored glasses.The color we see through is determined by our upbringing and our past experiences. These form our beliefs, which determine what we value, which results in specific behaviors. In short, raised in a negative or abusive way, we will tend to see things negatively. The converse of this is also true.

The powerful truth is – we have a choice. If we become aware of the color of our glasses, we can choose to change or enhance them. I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who  said “Most people are just about as happy as they want to be.”

Another wonderful truth is – God wants to help you in this change of perspective. His word is full of colorful truth of how He see us and what his desires to accomplish through us. What we need to change the color of our glasses is to believe in Him as much as he believes in us.

So — I ask, what’s the color of your glasses?

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    30. Jul, 2009

    …thanks what a wonderful post!

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