What Does Your Faith Need To Overcome?

Posted on 04. Dec, 2020 by in Random Stuff

So, this morning as I was reading my Bible, I came across the story of Jesus healing a leper (Mt 8:1-3. ) As I read this short story, my mind went to the obstacles that the leper needed to overcome to receive his healing.

To contract leprosy in the Biblical times was one of the worst things that could happen. It was a slow, disfiguring, painful death of isolation. According to The Preachers Commentary, those that contracted this disease were considered as unclean, by the Law of Moses. If they touched you, now you were unclean and defiled by the standards of the Law. They were forced to live apart. No family, friends or social involvement in the community they had been a part of. Further, they were to wear a sign of separation on their forehead and to cry unclean when near others.

For this leper to even decide to approach Jesus he had to overcome:

  • A terminal physical disease, possibly disfigurement
  • Social disgrace and shunning

My mind created a picture of this leper approaching Jesus. It said there was a multitude of people, or a large crowd around Him. Think of the fear this leper would have: would they throw stones at him? Would they attempt to verbally ridicule and embarrass him? Yet he pressed on.

I can see in my mind’s eye, as he approaches Jesus – maybe he calls out “unclean,” and the crowd in stunned terror parts, scurrying to get away from him. Maybe, some are looking for stones to throw? Maybe some are looking down at him in condescending judgment? Maybe a whisper goes through the crowd; someone recognizes him.

I know the text does not say this, but let’s be real: humanity has not changed in a few hundred years. Can you imagine what would happen in someone walked into a crowded church service and screamed “I have COVID!” It would look like rats scurrying from a sinking ship!

As the leper approached, it says he worshipped Jesus. Somehow, he made it through his obstacles and when he entered the presence of Jesus his natural response was to worship! Then he presented his request. “If you will, you can make me clean.” Such a bold statement of faith! He essentially, put the ball in Jesus court! He believed he could. The question was: “If you wilt!” WOW! Such boldness of faith. I know you can – will you?

The text does not say, but somehow, this leper had heard of Jesus and probably of His miracles. Faith began to grow enough that he would overcome the obstacles of his disease and social isolation. Enough, that he would step before the Lord and say, I know you can, it’s up to you!

The next thing that happened would have shocked the crowd: Jesus reached out and touched him! By the Law, Jesus would have now been unclean. Yet: immediately, the leper was healed. Jesus responded to his faith!

So now, to the point of this rambling: what are the obstacles to your faith?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a terminal disease?
  • Does it seem like there is no end to your situation?
  • Is your past one of sordid behavior?
  • Are you feeling isolated?

Are other looking at you as something insignificant? I encourage you to focus on Jesus! He is the healer, deliverer, restorer, peace giver, life giver and whatever else you need. Your focus on Him needs to be so intense, that you can pass through the crowd of objections to get into his presence and worship Him. Then present the need and tell Him your need and expect His touch!  

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