Where Do You Do Your Laundry?

Where Do You Do Your Laundry?

Posted on 04. Jun, 2009 by in Empowering, Kingdom Lifestyle

Recently my wife and I were doing laundry – really spiritual huh? You see, we are in the middle of a transition, we have sold our home and have not found anther one yet, so we GO to the laundromat. Now you may be wondering what does this have to do with a blog about spiritual authority?

While we were at this facility, I remembered a story/testimony I had either heard or read. It seems there was this ministry couple, which do to their particular circumstances, also had to go to the laundromat to  wash their clothes. During the repeated trips, they were able to reach and minister to a number of people, many who were born again and brought into the Kingdom.

The story continued, that when their situation had settled down and they purchased a house with its own laundry space, the wife still chose to go to the laundromat. It seems that over this period of time, she had developed a place of ministry that was outside of the normal confines of church.

This is the application of this story. To many individuals when we speak of a ministry, we think of a place within the confines or structure of the local assembly or building. Leadership works to establish various programs to not only minister to people, but to also create places for members to use their particular gifts in ministry. The idea is that it is all centered around a building or organization we call the church.

However, WE ARE the church. It is within each of the born again believers that He has placed His spirit and giftings. With these giftings, there comes a commission and a place of operation. While we do need certain programs and ministries at a local assembly, I believe the majority of giftings were given to use OUTSIDE the local assembly in the every day life of the believer.

In the great commission, Jesus said GO! It is in this going – that we will find a place of ministry for our giftings. This is what I believe this wife found – that when she went OUT to do her laundry, she was stepping into a place of ministry authority.

It is interesting to note, that much of Jesus’ teaching and ministry took place OUT among the people. In fact, He was criticized because of the crowds He hung out with: harlots, publicans, tax collectors, fishermen, everyday sinners. Yet it was in the midst of these people, Jesus demonstrated the power of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must think like Jesus, we must think Kingdom. When we are commissioned with apostolic authority, we are commissioned to GO. When we are using our giftings OUTSIDE of the four walls of the church is when we will see a confirmation of this authority we have been given.

So, let me ask: “Where do you do your laundry?”

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