Why Are You In The Palace?

Why Are You In The Palace?

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Guest Article

This article was sent to me by Pastor Lawson Salam who lives in Ghana. We have communicated much regarding apostolic authority and apostolic foundations. (Emphasis in the text was added by myself.)


Don’t be overjoyed in the palace at such a time as this, but know why you are in the palace. Don’t be swollen headed that you are beautiful, handsome and have a nice church, ministry, house, job, business, wife, and husband; rather, know why these things were entrusted into your hands. The time, talents, gifts and resources that God has given you are meant for a purpose in His kingdom and not for your own glory. God is interested in achieving His goals through you with the things He has given you so do not abuse what He has given you for your own gain. If God blesses you, He blesses you to be a blessing to others and not to tie the blessing around your waist.

When the Israelites sinned against God in Jerusalem, the Lord told the prophet Jeremiah to warn them to repent from their sins or be sent into captivity. The Israelites refused to repent so the Lord used Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon at the time, to come and take them to Babylon and rule over them for seventy years. During the Israelites’ captivity in Babylon another kingdom arose and conquered Babylon. So, the Israelites were sent to the kingdom known as the Medo-Persia and were living in a town called Susa. Among the Jews was a man called Mordecai who worked at the gate of the king’s palace in Susa. He was a man of integrity.

There was also a man called Herman working in the palace of the king. Fortunately for him, he was promoted so he demanded that every one should bow before him. When Herman saw that Mordecai neither bowed down before him nor paid homage to him, he was filled with rage. Herman swore to lay hands on Mordecai, for he had been told who the people of Mordecai were. Therefore, Herman sought to destroy all the Jews, the people of Mordecai, who could be found throughout the whole kingdom of Ahasuerus. Herman went to King Ahasuerus and told him how the Jewish people refused to obey his laws and how disrespectful they were to his kingdom. Herman paid money into the king’s treasuries to destroy the Jewish people and it pleased the king so he put his signet ring on Herman’s hands. This meant King Ahasuerus had given him the authority and order to destroy all the Jewish people.

So when Mordecai heard about what had been done by Herman, he tore his clothes and put on rough clothes and ashes and went out into the city crying loudly and painfully. But Mordecai went only as far as the king’s gate, because no one was allowed to enter that gate dressed in rough clothes. As the king’s order reached every area, there was great sadness and loud crying among the Jewish people. They stopped eating and cried out loud, and many of them lay down in rough cloth and ashes to show how sad they were (Esther 4.1-4).

Mordecai was very sad and fear gripped him after hearing the destruction Herman had declared upon the Jewish people in the land of Susa. He refused to put on a nice cloth and rather put on rough clothes and ashes to show how seriously he considered what had been planned. He decided to wait upon God for intervention or his people would be destroyed and put to death by the order of the king.
Mordecai was not allowed to enter the king’s gate because of the cloth that he was wearing. When Esther’s servants heard and saw Mordecai at the gate they went and told Esther about it. Esther was upset when she heard that Mordecai her uncle had put on rough cloth and was at the king’s gate. She immediately sent nice clothes to be given to Mordecai. She was embarrassed by the behavior of her uncle, because she was a queen and her uncle needed to be dressed nicely so that it would bring honor to her. Surprisingly, he refused to put on the clothes because, to him, that was not the time to put on nice clothes.

This is the most important thing many Christians do not know and their lives have been messed up by the devil. If we cannot discern between good and bad times, we might not be able to know the time the Lord is leading us to get a purpose accomplished for Him. Mordecai was able to discern between the period of warfare and the period of pleasure because we should not mix pleasure and business together.

Esther sent her servants to ask Mordecai the reason he had refused to wear the nice clothes, and what actually was going on. Then Mordecai told Esther’s servants the plans of Herman concerning the destruction of the Jewish people and that she should go to the king and plead for the cancellation of the plot against the Jewish people. Esther sent a word to Mordecai that it was not time for her to see the king and anyone who went to the king without his permission suffered the penalty of death.

Then Mordecai sent back a word to Esther: “Just because you live in the king’s palace, don’t think that out of all the Jewish people you alone will escape. If you keep quiet at this time, someone else will help and save the Jewish people, but who knows if you have been chosen as queen for such a time as this” (Esther:413-14).

At times many Christians do not know who they are in the kingdom and the reason God brings them into certain places in life; so, they might find it difficult to find God’s will for their life and just misuse God’s resources.
I think ministers of God should educate, mentor or guide people for them to know the will of God for their life. Esther would not have known why she was brought into the palace if Mordecai had not educated her that the reason she had been brought into the palace was to save her people.

The insight of Mordecai made Esther became bold and courageous after knowing why she was made a queen and was ready to die for her people.

God, who knows the heart of man and the future, foresaw that Herman would rise up against the Jewish people; so, God decided to bring Esther to the palace to become a deliverer for her people. It was the suppernatural intervention of God that made Esther a queen in Susa. Esther was a Jew; she was not qualified to be a queen in Susa. Can a refugee become a queen in another man’s land? It is impossible. However, since God was involved in this situation nothing was impossible for Him. God had to harden the heart of Vashti to refuse the invitation of the king. The king became furious with Vashti for not honoring his invitation; therefore, he terminated her appointment as a queen in Susa. After this, there was a beauty contest among the young women in Susa. Esther was one of the contestants and she found favor in the king’s sight and became queen. Had it not been the grace and favor of God would Esther have become a queen?

Esther was overjoyed to be in the palace but she didn’t know why she was in the palace at that time. She was happy to be the queen of Susa: she enjoyed and beheld the beauty of the palace. Anything she wanted was at her finger tips. She was eating the nicest dishes and wearing beautiful clothes, wearing her hair in different styles. Her maid servants were serving her so she wasn’t having any problem; therefore, she did not know why she was in the palace. It was a big disgrace for her to hear that her uncle was wearing rough clothes at the vicinity of the palace, so she immediately sent new clothes for the uncle to put on. Esther considered everything to be food and clothing and forgot the main purpose for which she was brought to the palace. On the other hand, Herman was also planning to destroy all the Jewish people. Until the eyes of Esther were opened to the reason she was brought to the palace at that time she would have kept silent and the entire Jewish population would have been massacred by the arch valiant Herman.

We should not be too overjoyed at what ever place we find ourselves today but we should know why we have been brought to that place. Some pastors are overjoyed because their churches have grown bigger but they do not know why God has given them that big ministry. Some people are also overjoyed because they are well educated and have passed through the university but they do not know why God has given them that knowledge or education. Others have been blessed with financial breakthrough, huge businesses, nice jobs, yet they do not know the reason why those things were entrusted into their hands. They are just enjoying it because they are in possession of it. It is good to enjoy the fruit of your labor but know why the fruit was given to you at that particular time.

God will seldom lift someone to a high position without Him having a reason or purpose for that. Knowing the purpose why God has blessed us is more important than enjoying the benefit of the things God has trusted into our hands.

If we have the privilege to live on this earth at such a time as this then we should also know what God wants us to do, because that is why we are living. Some people are wasting air, resources, time, talent, and energy. They are not doing anything to change or bring change to the environment wherein they have found themselves. God has a purpose for bringing you to that church, hospital, school, house and country. God in His own plans and ways has to replace some people with you to accomplish what He wants to do in your life.

Beloved! God had a special folder of life for you before you were even born on this earth. God will seldom put or take someone to a place without a reason. Wherever you might be right now is because God has strategically placed you there for a purpose. Knowing why you are on this planet is better than just living on this planet and enjoying the pleasures of life.

God has sent some people overseas for a purpose but they are enjoying themselves there and have forgotten why they were sent there. God is not as curious about the things He has given to us as he is about the things He wants us to do – that is why He has blessed us. At times God brings us into contact with other people to fulfill a purpose designed by Him. So we shouldn’t be just content with the good relationship we are sharing and enjoying with people out there but should know what God wants us to do with the people He has connected us to. When God brings two people together for marriage He has a purpose for that. If God brings someone into a particular church He has a reason for that.

If you are a singer, preacher, doctor, pastor, teacher, lawyer, praise God! But don’t be too overjoyed about you profession. Rather see accomplishing the purpose why you are in that profession as the most important thing.

Some people are enjoying the benefits of their career but they are not contributing to the society with what they have learned and have been called to do. It is good that we give all that we have to serve our people because that is why we are called, rather than just enjoying the benefits of our work and living selfishly.

When God gives you a car, house, money, job, husband, wife, etc, He has reasons for bringing these things into your life. The most important thing to God is how you use what He has given you and the glory and impact it will bring into His kingdom. Don’t take that ministry, church, car, houses, money, company, wife and husband for granted. Don’t abuse what God has given you. Do you think you are using what God has given you for the right purpose? Is God happy with you and the way you are handling the church, ministry, money, wife and husband?

Many people are losing the blessings of God upon their lives simply because they refused to acknowledge God with the things He has given them. An instance was King Saul. He decided to please himself rather than God; therefore God rejected him as king of Israel. God can reject you and replace you with someone who can acknowledge Him and do the job better; just as queen Vashti was rejected and Esther was put in her position. God bless you.

Pastor Lawson Salam
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