Why His Image

Why His Image

Posted on 26. Apr, 2009 by in Kingdom Authority

A representative is “One that serves as a delegate or agent for another.” – American Heritage Dictionary

Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion…

This scripture gives us wonderful insight into God’s purpose for mankind. That Adam was created in the image and likeness of God. According to Vines, the word image means; “image or copy” of something in the sense of a replica. According to Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, Likeness refers to the representational aspect of the image.

Adam was God’s image that he chose to reveal or manifest Himself to creation. Through Adam, an invisible God made himself visible. But more than a visible image, Adam purpose was to be a representational of God. As God’s likeness, he was to ACT as God’s representative thereby revealing the nature and characteristics of God by his actions.

This representational aspect of Adam’s purpose was not manifest when God gave him dominion. It was manifest when Adam obeyed God’s command and named the animals. God’s image and likeness was revealed to creation, not by Adams position, but by his obedient actions to the commands of God.

Being apostello or sent to operate in apostolic authority is to act as the Lords representative. It is manifesting an invisible God to this world.

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  1. Nathan

    28. Apr, 2009

    Hi Martin,

    Good entry here and also “Are we preaching the same Jesus.” I agree that it is significant that Jesus said,” the kingdom of God is at hand”. I have long since stopped believing that we are “saved” for heaven as in getting a ticket for the “train ride to glory”–to use an analogy I’ve often heard.

    “Being apostello or sent to operate in apostolic authority is to act as the Lords representative. It is manifesting an invisible God to this world.” Here, you might need to re-work this a bit so that it harmonizes with the example you used of Adam naming the animals, because it almost seems that you’re equating being sent to operate with actually operating. With Adam, you clearly showed that it wasn’t until he actually operated (named the animals) that he was truly revealing God’s character.

    So being sent gives the authority to act, much like “to them gave he power (authority) to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on His name…”, yet it does not guarantee an action, or an automatic reflection of God’s character on the part of the one sent. We must ACT in order to manifest, right?

    Bro. Nathan
    See you on the glorious church network.

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    • Martin Schmaltz

      28. Apr, 2009

      I totally agree, it is only when we DO what we are sent to do that makes us demo His image. This was the subject of one of my blogs/Apostolic Note somewhere. Thanks for the good words. Keep in touch.

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  2. Rufus Parker

    28. Apr, 2009

    Good point.Keep up the great work!

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  3. Paula

    03. Jul, 2009

    ‘…..but by his obedient actions to the commands of God.’ Well said, obedience is better than sacrifice. Why did God get upset with Israel in the Old Testament, because she didn’t want to obey! Ouch, and are we not much the same? Lord teach us to obey!

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