Why We Do Not Recieve Our Miracles Pt 2

Why We Do Not Recieve Our Miracles Pt 2

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Apostolic Notes Vol 3 No 13 (PDF download)

The word of God is full of miraculous events: in fact, it was one of the ways Jesus demonstrated the power of His kingdom. Further, He authorized the 12, then seventy and even us as believers to demonstrate this power of the Kingdom. Yet we find many times we do not see the miracles we pray for.

In our last Apostolic Note Vol 3 No 12 we presented the first and probably the most significant reason we do not see the miraculous – it is a faith issue. Many times there is a lack of faith; either by those needing the miracle, the one praying or the environment is not conducive to faith.

Now, lets continue to look at other reasons we fail to see the miraculous

Familiarity is the next reason for not receiving the miracle.

This is when the messenger is seen more than the message. Jesus stated “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family.” (Mk 6:4 NLT)

Sometime people are too familiar with the person praying or ministering and they do not see them as being used of God.  Again in Mk 6, they were astonished that Jesus could do the things he was doing. They commented he’s just a carpenters son, we know his brothers and sisters.

The opposite of this I believe also holds true: when traveling overseas, there seems to be a greater faith among the people because an “American” preacher is there to minister the word of God.

In both instances, we need not look at the messenger but look at the One who sent the message.

Do not want to be healed is the third reason.

I know for some this sounds so crazy, yet it does happen. For those who fall in this category it can either be a conscious or unconscious decision.

Conscious – Those who choose not to receive usually do so because they do not want the associated life changes that may come with the miracle. For instance, they may lose their disability income or have to return to work. Some may lose the attention or sympathy they receive from others.

I know of one man who operates in the gifts and God spoke to him regarding healing a particular individual. When he approached this person about it, they refused – because they would lose their disability check.

Personally, I was teaching a bible study to a man who could see and talk to spirits. When I presented that he could be delivered, he chose not to. Go figure!

Unconscious – then there are those who unconsciously resist. When asked if they want to get better will say yes, but they never do. In the health care industry, we say they are receiving “secondary gain” from being sick. Because of their emotional instability, they crave the attention and special treatment they receive. Limited demands are placed on them because of their illness. These individuals need emotional healing more than physical.

Let me summarize so far the reasons we may not see the miraculous:

  1. Faith – there is a lack of faith of those needing the miracle, those praying or the environment.
  2. Familiarity – We are too familiar with the humanity of the one praying.
  3. People do not want the miracle:

Consciously or unconsciously they choose not to receive.

Next issue we will cover even more reasons why we may not see the miraculous. Stay tuned!

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