His Plans, Your Purpose Resources

His Plans Your Purpose – Bible Study Series.

The purpose of this series is to present the gospel and the born again experience from a Kingdom perspective, with the ultimate goal of defining the purpose each believer has in His kingdom. It is intended to be used as either a soulwinning tool or a first level discipleship course.

Objectives from Sessions

  1. God’s purpose for creating man.
  2. Defining the Kingdom and its practical relevance to the believer today.
  3. More than salvation, Jesus finished work is restoration to His original plan for man.
  4. The Gospel: why we need to be born again.
  5. The Believer’s purpose in His kingdom.

Below you will find the the lesson handout and my teaching notes (raw and unedited) in PDF format. Feel free to download and go and make disciples for His Kingdom!

Lesson 1: His Plans Your Purpose Lesson 1 HO.doc

Lesson 1 notes: His Plans Your Purpose lesson 1 Notes

Lesson 2: The Kingdom Is His Plan HO

Lesson 2 notes: The Kingdom Is His Plan Notes

Lesson 3: Jesus Is About Restoration HO

Lesson 3 notes: Jesus Is About Restoration

Lesson 4: The Gospel HO

Lesson 4 notes: The Gospel

Lesson 5: Your Purpose HO

Lesson 5 notes: Your Purpose