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Dr. Martin

Kingdom Discipleship Ministry was developed from the burden of Dr. Martin Schmaltz to see believer’s fulfill their Kingdom destiny. Dr. Martin’s passion is to see Jesus manifested in the lives of each believer as they live a lifestyle of Kingdom authority. In his 17 years of ministry, as a pastor and itinerant teacher, he has experienced the transformation from traditional Christianity to Kingdom illumination. During this time, he has seen Jesus manifest his power and presence in mighty ways. Many have been healed, delivered and empowered to walk in Kingdom authority.

Today, Dr. Martin is challenging the traditional paradigm of church, enlightening the body of believers to the potential that lies within them. Much of his time is spent ministering the principles of Living In Kingdom Authority and assisting believers in discovering their ministry giftings in the Kingdom. He has traveled frequently overseas and has ministered in such places as: Pakistan, The Netherlands, Okinawa Japan, Swaziland Africa, Cape Town South Africa, Philippines and the Kingdom of Tonga.  It is his desire to create a strategic network of individuals whose purpose is to manifest Jesus and His kingdom through the body of Christ.

Dr Martin is available to speak to your local assembly, organization or ministry. The focus of this ministry is revealing the truths of the word of God that empower the priesthood of believers into Kingdom ministry. The result is a greater level of faith to demonstrate the miraculous: translating into the potential for a greater harvest.



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