2008 Archive

Below is our archive of 2008 Apostolic Notes eZine. Feel free to look around and download any of the PDF you like. Let us know what you think.

Vol 2 No 1 – The Faith of God (PDF)
Do you have faith in God or are you operating with the faith of God? Which one is instructed by Jesus?

Vol 2 No 2 – Freedom’s In The Submission Part 1 (PDF)
The level of authority I can operate in is determined by the level of my submission to authority.

Vol 2 No 3 – Freedom’s In The Submission Part 2 (PDF)
The four components of what it means to be sent with authority.

Vol 2 No 4 – Money, Money, Money!
How I handle my finances will impact the level of spiritual authority I can operate with.

Vol 2 No 5 – Your Mission Should You Decide To Accept It (PDF)
What it means to be commissioned to carry out the work that Jesus initiated.

Vol 2 No 6 – The Real Deal (PDF)
Why so many young people are turned off to church.

Vol 2 No 7 – Bloom Where You Are Planted
You were strategically gifted and planted in the body of Christ. Do not look at other individuals ministries. Become fruitful where you are.

Vol 2 No 8 – Send It On Down (PDF)
The traditional minded christian is seeking some external power of God to fall on them, suddenly making them spiritually powerful. The power of God abides within us through His spirit.

Vol 2 No 9 – Building Blocks of The Mind (PDF)
Our thoughts can be the block that build strongholds of resistance, preventing us from becoming what God desires us to be.