2007 Archive

Below is our archive of 2007 Apostolic Notes eZine. Feel free to look around and download any of the PDF you like. Let us know what you think.

Vol 1 No 1 – What’s Gods Purpose (PDF)
Did you ever stop and wonder: “What was God’s purpose for creation and man?” Maybe this will help

Vol 1 No 2 – Our Purpose (PDF)
One of the key ingredients missing is a persons life today is a purpose. There must be more to life than just making a living. Check out what God has in store.

Vol 1 No 3 – What Is Apostolic? (PDF)
A big buzz word in christianity to day is that of apostolic. See how this term applies to the life of every born again believer.

Vol 1 No 4 -The Proof of Apostolic (PDF)
Many religions speak of having the truth. How is one to tell? The proof’s in the pudding.

Vol 1 No 5 – What Stops Us From Being Apostolic? (PDF)
The greatest hindrance to operating in spiritual authority is the traditions of men. You will be surprised to see the meaning of tradition.

Vol 1 No 6 – Expectations or Expecting (PDF)
Weekly, christians go to church with expectations – and they are usually met. Only a few go expecting – they see God!

Vol 1 No 7 – How Traditional Are We, Part 1 (PDF)
So much of modern North American christianity is based on man’s traditions. See how they stack up against the Apostolic Church.

Vol 1 No 8 – How Traditional Are We, Part 2 (PDF)
Further comparisons of the Traditional Church to the Apostolic Church (please see part one)

Vol 1 No 9 – Batteries Not Included (PDF)
Tired of dead religion in church. Check out why.

Vol 1 No 10 – Amway Was Right (PDF)
If the church demonstrated like Amway, we would accomplish more.

Vol 1 No 11 – Possessing Our Inheritance (PDF)
We after week, christians miss the depth of their inheritance, living as spiritual paupers.

Vol 1 No 12 – Building A Fruitful Ministry (PDF)
Do we structure our churches based on mans programs or the giftings within the body of Christ?