Book: Living In Kingdom Authority

Living In Kingdom Authority
Every Believer’s Privilege

Living In Kingdom Authority is a word of inspiration, empowering the believer to demonstrate the miraculous power of Jesus as his sent representatives. Beginning with Adam as God’s glory bearer to creation, we show that by Jesus’ restoration, this same purpose has been given back to the believers. With a solid biblical basis, we present practically what it means: to be in His image, to be apostolic and how to effectively demonstrate the power of His kingdom.

Living In Kingdom Authority challenges some of the limiting religious traditions of modern Christianity, beginning by revealing what the bible says about tradition and its effects. Further, we counter the idea of the modern self-centered, consumerist, bless me, escapist gospel with the Gospels true purpose of Kingdom restoration.

Living In Kingdom Authority will inspire, shock and challenge the believer to rise above their nominal christianity and step into the role they have been given by Jesus as his sent representative!

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What others are saying about Living In Kingdom Authority

“This exceptional work by Martin is one of the most profound, practical, principle-centered approaches to the subject on The Kingdom Message I have read in a long time. The author’s approach to this timely and critical issue of leadership brings a fresh breath of air that captivates the heart, engages the mind and inspires the spirit of the reader. Read these pages and explore more dimensions of the Kingdom of Heaven” – Dr. Myles Munroe, BFM international, Nassau Bahamas


I have spent years on a quest of discovery to develop as a true New Testament Christian. I have read numerous books, articles, blogs etc; and listened to countless sermons searching for understanding of what the Gospel writers described as ” the Gospel of the Kingdom”. This is a different history from most of our Western Christian reality…a culture of joy, honor, miracles, healing and cultural transformation in the midst of great oppression and persecution.

My friend, Dr.Martin Schmaltz, has spent years in research and practicing “the Gospel of the Kingdom” and has written the book I actually wish I had read 30 years ago!

“Living in Kingdom Authority” is one of the most well written books I have ever read on the subject of Kingdom,Christianity and the emerging Apostolic model. The chapter on being apostolic is one of most enlightening on the subject I have ever encountered. It will change your life as it changes your mind on what the New Testament Church is truly meant to be in our generation . The truths in these pages can change our paradigm from “having” Church to “being” The Church of Jesus Christ and equip us to truly change our culture as the true Ecclessia of our Master!

I am excited and honored to recommend this book to anyone wanting to discover true New Testament theology, lifestyle and authority….  Jonathan Suber,


”Living in Kingdom Authority’ is a must for all believers to read! This book explains the establishment of the kingdom within every believer to know how to access the resources and authority of the kingdom of God and to know how to bring forth a demonstration of that power. I highly recommend this book for those who want to move into kingdom advancement.’  
– Dr Jeremy Lopez, Founder of


“Christ is Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world and our Restoring King. He was born of a virgin, anointed by the Holy Ghost, crucified on the Cross, resurrected on the third day, spoiled principalities and powers triumphing over them, ascended into the commanding heights of heaven, gave the keys of the Kingdom to His Church, and is seated at the right hand of the Father until the times of the restoration of all things. Dr. Schmaltz makes it clear that you are an apostolic sent one that is anointed by the Holy Spirit to walk in Kingdom authority. This book will help you understand your role in taking dominion while finding real purpose in life and ministry.”Apostle Jonas Clark, Spirit of Life Ministries, Hallandale Beach, Fl, U.S.A.